Who I am…

I’m Helen… Dr. Helen…Mama Helen…Sister Habeeebatullah… and my latest bestowed name: Efua Nkrumah… I am known by many names, but “who I am” is always the same… daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, poet, writer & lover of words, artist, teacher, sharer of information, truth teller and work in progress! I am an avid reader since childhood and I was always curious to learn more about the different environments, people and traditions I read about from far away places. I envisioned myself as some of the characters in the books I read…dressing in strange clothes, eating unknown foods and living interesting lives on seemingly exotic lands. That sense of wonder and adventure has always stayed with me and continues to be a motivating force for me to continue to seek knowledge as a life-long learner. I have devoted the last  4 decades, as a career educator, to engaging and interacting with children and adults from different races, cultures, languages, backgrounds, ages and experiences. The seeds that were planted in me from reading multicultural literature, along with my diverse connections and interactions fueled my desire to gain new experiences, meet diverse people, and travel.

2 thoughts on “Who I am…”

  1. It’s looks like we will be taking a FABulous journey with you through many lands! & we are grateful Asante Sana 🙂


  2. Yes, my sister – there is a whole world out there to be explored, and I want to see as much as possible of it. Prayerfully in the near future I will launch SPICE RETREATS and you will be joining me and a group of positive, adventure seekers in travels near and far.


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